Writing well is not optional.

In this online society that we live in, there are many times when we have to present ourselves in print. Nothing makes you look more incompetent and unintelligent than sending out emails, writing memorandums, posting online dating profiles and/or responding on a forum with content that contains misspelled words, bad grammar and little to no punctuation.

Sometimes the written representation of you is the first (and only) impression another person or group of people will have of you. It is imperative that you look just as good in print as you do when you show up in person in your best clothes with your fresh hairdo and most dazzling smile.

I want to help you with that. I can help you with that. Writing well has always been a gift of mine. I can take your words and help you massage and style them to say exactly what you want in the most eye-catching, dynamic ways to capture the attention of your readers.

I can do way more than just spell-check your document and identify the obvious grammatical errors, which is content editing.

I also offer content enhancement. This focuses on your writing structure, content and style. I suggest the most effective ways to position your content to get your point of view across in the most appealing way.

Content Editing
up to 6,500 words 7¢ per word
6,501 – 12,500 words 6.5¢ per word
12,501 – 18,500 words 6¢ per word
18,501 – 24,500 words 5.5¢ per word
24,501 – 30,500 words 5¢ per word
30,501 – 36,500 words 4.5¢ per word
36,501 – 48,500 words 4¢ per word
48,501 – 60,500 words 3.5¢ per word
60,501 words and above 3¢ per word
Content Editing and Enhancement
up to 6,500 words 14¢ per word
6,501 – 12,500 words 13.5¢ per word
12,501 – 18,500 words 13¢ per word
18,501 – 24,500 words 12.5¢ per word
24,501 – 30,500 words 12¢ per word
30,501 – 36,500 words 11.5¢ per word
36,501 – 48,500 words 11¢ per word
48,501 – 60,500 words 10.5¢ per word
60,501 words and above 10¢ per word

Examples are available upon request.

I look forward to working with you and helping you look your best in print.

I accept payments through Paypal Credit!
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