From the Index: Sixty-Second Grammar Guide: Further vs. Farther

Which of these sentences is correct? A. The farmhouse is only a little further down the road? B. The farmhouse is only a little farther down the road? Further is used to denote figurative or “pretend” distance. Farther is used to denote physical or “real” distance. [keep reading]

You Can Say That Again! Oh, You Did Say That Again: “Reason Why” Is So Wrong!

So many of us use the phrase—reason why—almost every day in casual conversation, in business communications, on job applications, in research papers, in emails, and even while tweeting, texting, instant messaging and so on! I hear newscasters say it on television. I hear parents say it to their children in the grocery store when they’re […]

Do You Write Like You Talk?

“Ma, do you know where my favorite shoes are at,” was a common question I’d ask my mother when I was growing up and leaving my shoes and books and clothes all over the house instead of putting things in my room where they were supposed to go. “Behind that preposition ‘at’,” she’d say to […]