Doors and Windows

I know some of you have heard people say, “God doesn’t close a door without opening a window.” On yesterday, I submitted my letter of resignation from my day job. There’s just a lot of things going on there that cause a very high-stress working environment, and I’ve decided that I just need to move […]

I’m not feeling the new Twitter

When I set up Microsoft Outlook for the first time on a new computer, or I set up a new folder in an old version of Microsoft Outlook, the first thing I do is turn off that darn preview pane! I abhor that thing. I have three reasons for my dislike of the Outlook preview […]

Yes. It could be worse, but my pain is real, too.

A statement that I dislike, more times than not, is “it could be worse.” You know what? On its face, that’s true, but it’s bad for me right now. It may not be as bad as someone else’s situation, but it’s my situation and I’m in pain over it right now. Don’t abridge what’s going […]

2010 has been washed away

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a home-body. It’s not unusual to find me relaxing at home on New Year’s Eve, and that’s where I was this 31 December. I decided, however, that I wanted to do something different to ring in the New Year besides just watching a movie or surfing the […]