Shred to Shed

I’m still going strong with my house-cleaning project. It’s amazing how much paper is all over this place. Whew! Thank goodness for shredders. I have two. One upstairs and one on the ground level. These are cross-cut shredders, and I use them to shred anything and everything that I don’t plan to keep that has […]

Trashy liberation

Well, yesterday my Room Whisperer and I discovered that our goal of cleaning out three rooms of all its trash was too much to accomplish. Remember in my earlier post where I said I have layers and layers of stuff? Yes. That’s what caught up with us yesterday. We did get out several bags of […]

Out of the abundance of the heart…

When I was in eighth grade, I was sent to the principal’s office for uttering a profane word in band class when I dropped my flute. Apologies, Mom and Dad, for never telling you about this. I think I’m still alive today, because I was able to keep this from you all. 🙂 When the […]

Uh, where does this go?

Now that I’ve hired someone to help me clean and organize my home, I find myself asking this question more and more: “Uh, where does this go?” It’s just amazing how many levels of stuff are in each room, and I’ve narrowed down the answer to my question to one of five responses: 1. It […]

Don’t be too proud, ashamed or cheap to PAY for help

Back in February, when I decided to be self-employed again, one of my reasons was because my house is a mess. There’s unopened mail and books and printed-out papers and receipts and shoes and computers and boxes of books and unused printers and electronics everywhere! Let’s not even talk about all the clothes left in […]