In honor of Trayvon Martin…

This post will be short. That’s because there’s no need to draw it out. In honor of Trayvon Martin, many people co-opted his images to use as their social media avatars or to write articles in outrage against his senseless killing. I’m sure some folks actually paid a licensing fee to the Associated Press or […]

Please save my life!

This was the subject of an email I received from an obvious scammer. Of course I didn’t open it, but I thought to myself, “If you’re that desperate, why would you be depending on me to see and open your email to save your life?” Since this person isn’t in my contacts, then it was a […]

You’re single because you’re too intelligent.

For real, y’all. A dude said that to me. No joke. I wanted to be offended, but I hate to admit I think it has some merit. More than once I’ve met men and women in relationships—girlfriend/boyfriend or married—and thought to myself, “Why is he with her? She doesn’t seem like she challenges him intellectually.” […]

I love my HTC EVO, but…

…actually there’s no but. 🙂 When I first saw that HTC came out with the HTC EVO Shift, I was like, “Dang it! I knew it was going to happen! I knew they were going to come out with an EVO with a physical keyboard!” They did it, but (ah… there’s the but) they didn’t […]

Will the real Faydra Deon please stand up?

So a few nights ago, on Twitter, I did a search on my name: Faydra Deon. I have several Twitter accounts, and I couldn’t remember the exact letters I used for a particular handle. Since I always use Faydra Deon as my actual name, I knew I could find the account that way. Lo and […]